Intermittent Fasting works. End of 17th week.

Up to date results

This post is a continuation of the posts where I wrote about my progress following Intermittent Fasting eating regimen. I remind you that my end goal is a body fat of 20% and later 15%. Today I will provide a status update at the end of the 17th week.

This week I had a flexible eating window, which on average was 5 hours long. And on average I ate two meals in that eating window.

My current weight as of 2022-10-07 is 169.5 lb (76.2 kg) and body fat 24.1 %.

  • Weight loss so far: 31.7 pounds (14.4 kg)
  • Body fat loss so far: about 5.9 %


  • Fast Hours stands for how many hours I do not eat anything except for drinking water, black coffee or tea (no milk or sugar).
  • Eating window hours stands for the hours where I have two meals. I have no snacks between meals.

Same information as a chart

Detailed weekly regimen

  • Here come this week statistics. As you can see weight fluctuates during the week, which is expected.
  • What’s important that week over week there is a tendency for weight to decrease.

Useful references


An interesting interview with Gin Stephens which I recommend to watch. Did you know that thanks to Gin’s book FAST.FEAST.REPEAT I started to fast intermittently.


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