Mathematics Applied For Good

Photo by Reuben Teo on Unsplash

If you inclined towards mathematics, but almost didn’t touch it since college years and want to get a math rush again, then following are the books that you may find captivating.

I should mention that these are books on Applied Mathematics which is of useful kind paraphrasing Richard Feynman. The books are ordered from easy to not so.

To start:

1. Applied Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction by Alain Goriely. This book is a gentle intro to applied math and Alain is capable of explaining things lucidly and as simple as required, but not too much.

2. Street-Fighting Mathematics:

The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving by Sanjoy Mahajan is more involved and requires some work on readers part, but it’s a delight to read. This book is available in open access here.

3. Next book from the same author is The Art of Insight in Science and Engineering: Mastering Complexity. It is somewhat similar to the former, but different. Again it’s open for public

4. Now, the last one is a real textbook on Applied Mathematics by J. David Logan, but nevertheless it is interesting to read and work through.


42 hours fast experience. To do or not to do?

Photo by Emre on Unsplash

It is 6th time that I am doing a prolonged fast (more then 24 hours). And it’s 4th time I am doing 42 hours fast. Below comes some observations.

  • It’s not getting any easier in comparison to previous fasts. First 26 hours are quite normal, but then the feeling of discomfort prevails. It’s not a hunger, but a feeling of an empty, glued and ‘vacuumed’ stomach.

  • The main difficulty is sleeping at night since I tend to wake up a number of times to drink and the dreams are quite annoying. Sometimes about food.

  • As for weight loss this time, it’s insignificant. But one possible explanation is that in the last 4 days I am doing about 120-150 pushups a day in addition to usual walking about 7000 steps. And yesterday while doing 42 hours fast I did 200 pushups throughout the day. So it seems like there is no weight loss. When actually, fat has lessened, but muscles have grown. Visually, I see less fat, than ever.

  • Will I continue to do extended fasts? Well, it seems like I won’t but I am for 24 hours fasts, since they are a piece of cake (oh no, carbs are even here 🙂 )