Get Ready For Machine Learning

Welcome To The Machine

In the upcoming weeks I’ll plan to post materials about Machine Learning be it deep or shallow etc.

A Few Bits Here And There

  • Just to warm your interest start by skimming over this insightful blog by Chris Olah a member at Google Brain Team.
  • Then take a look at TensorFlow open source machine learning library developed in Google
  • Do not forget to check a very different and yet somewhat similar to Neural Networks  Numenta’s Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) model
  • Those of you who want to know more about Numenta 

More Stuff is Coming

So stay tuned.


My Zoo has been just published


Update to the latest version 1.3 at Google Play

What’s this all about?

My Zoo application will help your kids to learn about various animals, their names and sounds and it is out there at Google Play. This game was brought to you by raising star application company neaapps


  • Animals names are in English, Russian and Hebrew
  • Dozens of jungle and domestic animals with their sounds
  • Interactive animation that will captivate your kids
  • Supported on tablets
  • No ads
  • Addctive and fun

What’s new in this version

To make navigation super fast and easy for kids two buttons were added to farm and jungle screens.

To jump to farm animals from jungle tap on the sheep’s icon


To jump to jungle animals from farm animals tap on the parrot’s icon


Take a ride

Do try this at home or anywhere at all. Beware that the sounds may cause people around you to start smiling and laughing.