How to Read E-books?


From paper to electricity

With the advent of Internet in late 20th century good old paper books have started to be gradually replaced with their digital counterparts or e-books as we know them.
Today, there are a number of various formats for e-books such as, PDF, EPUB, NOOK and omnipresent Kindle.
I’d like to focus on Kindle e-books, and specifically on Kindle Cloud Reader that is available in Google Chrome Browser. It is not a random choice but a thoughtful one because this combination provides best performance during ‘adventurous reading’ that will be covered later.

Reading styles

There are many different kinds of literature to be read. Fiction novels, sci-fi, non-fiction, magazines etc. And it is possible to read all of them with various degree of inspection. What I mean by this is the degree of investigation of reading material. For example, it is possible to read an adventure novel in a quick pace without noticing the scenic background, places and other details of the novel. However, there is additional way of reading that is of great interest to me. This is adventurous reading as I call it. Adventurous reading is a way of reading when one look up for details referenced in the book be it non-fiction or fiction in nature. In this way it is possible to get a more deeper feeling of the world created by the book’s author.

When to use it?

It seems to me this kind of reading style is most useful while reading non-fiction literature, especially technical one. For example, books on aviation or space history, science etc.
Since there are regularly abundance of technical terms or historical data that may be looked up, Google Search is the best tool that helps in adventurous reading.

Where to use it?

That’s look at Kindle Cloud Reader application that makes it possible to read Kindle books across various operating systems and computers. Currently by default Kindle Cloud Reader lacks the ability to look up and translate text in digital books. Nevertheless one can fix this with Kindle Optimizer Chrome Extension that provides built-in instant Google Search and Translate capability.

How to use it?

Well, while reading a book of your choice, for instance, when you come across a term or a detail that interests you it is easy to look it up by simply selecting a text and looking for it in Google search. More to this, if you are not a native speaker of English, and I think there are quite a lot of such readers, it is easy to make use of Google translate capability provided by Kindle Optimizer to translate entire pages and use Google Translate reading service to hear the text being read.