Intermittent Fasting works. End of 14th week.

Up to date results

This post is a continuation of the posts where I wrote about my progress following Intermittent Fasting eating pattern. I remind you that my end goal is a body fat of 15 %. Today I will provide a status update at the end of the 14th week.

This week I had a flexible eating window, which on average was 6 hours long. And on average I ate two meals in that eating window.

My current weight as of 2022-09-16 is 76.8 kg (169.3 lb) and body fat 24.4 %.

  • Weight loss so far: 30.4 pounds (13.8 kg)
  • Body fat loss so far: about 5.6 %


  • Fast Hours stands for how many hours I do not eat anything except for drinking water, black coffee or tea (no milk or sugar).
  • Eating window hours stands for the hours where I have two meals. I try, quite successfully, to have no snacks between the meals.

Same information as a chart

Detailed weekly regimen

  • Here come this 14th week statistics. As you can see weight fluctuates during the week, which is expected.
  • What’s important that week over week there is a tendency for weight to decrease.


  • l – lunch

Useful references


Satchin Panda’s book on Circadian Rhythms and how they influence our health in general and our weight in particular.


Fasting for health and longevity with Dr. Jason Fung, MD — Diet Doctor Podcast


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