Intermittent Fasting is a way out of matrix

It has been more than free months since I discovered miraculous powers of intermittent fasting and what it can do to reverse and prevent obesity and other diseases of metabolic syndrome. What became crystal clear to me is how big the issue of obesity is and how current status quo of processed food industry and others perpetuates this problem.

It feels like being unplugged form Matrix if you watched that movie. Suddenly, you start to understand how bad processed food really is. How real food is scarce, if at all present, on the shelves of grocery stores. How cafeterias in schools and companies are full of food that will make you obese in no time.

Suddenly, you see how the current advice of eating low fat mostly plant based diet is completely wrong and refuted by scientific research. This advice caused harm to hundreds of millions of people and still does.

Also, you clearly see the way out of this mess which is returning to how our bodies were intended to work by hundred thousand years of evolution which is Intermittent Metabolic Switching (IMS), when our body switches to using ketones (fat) as the main source of energy, when there is no food available.

The IMS coined by prof. Mark Mattson happens when you practice intermittent fasting regularly. For this switch to happen there is a need to fast for at least 16 hours having a 8 hours eating window a day. This way it ensures that the glycogen storage in you muscles and liver will be depleted after about 12 hours into the fast and the body will switch to burning fat as a main source of energy.


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