Intermittent Fasting works. End of 10th week.

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Up to date results

This post is a continuation of the posts where I wrote about my progress following Intermittent Fasting eating pattern. I remind you that my end goal is a body fat of 15 %. Today I will provide a status update at the end of the 10th week.

This week I had a flexible eating window, which on average was of 6 hours, since this week it was a vacation week. And on average I ate two meals in that eating window.

My current weight as of 2022-08-20 is 79.2 kg (174.6 lb) and body fat 25.4 %.

WeekFast hoursEating windowWeightFat percentageWaitsWaist to height ratioBMI
116890.6 kg (199.7 lb)30.0 %N/AN/A27
217787.6 kg (191.8 lb)28.7 %100 cm0.5526.4
318686.6 kg (190.9 lb)28.3 %99 cm0.5426.1
419585.1 kg (187.6 lb)27.7 %98 cm0.5425.7
519584.0 kg (185.2 lb)27.3 %95 cm0.5225.4
620482.4 kg (181.7lb)26.6 %97 cmN/AN/A
720481.1 kg (178.8 lb)26.0 %94 cmN/AN/A
819579.9 kg (176.1lb)25.6 %N/AN/AN/A
20479.6 kg (175.5 lb)25.5 %N/AN/AN/A
18679.2 kg (174.6 lb)25.4 %N/AN/AN/A


  • Fast Hours stands for how many hours I do not eat anything except for drinking water, black coffee (no milk or sugar) or tea (no milk or sugar).
  • Eating window hours stands for the hours where I have two meals. I try, quite successfully, not to have any snacks between the meals.

Detailed weekly regimen

  • Here comes this 10th week statistics. As you can see weight fluctuates during the week, which is expected.
  • What’s important that week over week there is a tendency for weight to decrease.
  • Also, you may notice that I do eat processed food. This week especially, since it was a vacation week.

Useful references


  • Jeremy Ethier has an interesting channel about fitness advice. His advice below about losing belly fat is useful, but since he has a dogmatic education he reiterates Calories In – Calories Out theory, which is wrong. But apart from this it’s worth watching.

  • The Goal Guys, who are Canadians have this interesting video about what to eat. Again there is this Calories In vs Calories Out hypothesis. But if you ignore it the advice in this video is aligned with Intermittent Fasting suggestions about what to it in the eating window.

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