Intermittent Fasting works. End of 9th week.

Up to date results

This post is a continuation of the posts where I wrote about my progress following Intermittent Fasting eating pattern. I remind you that my end goal is a body fat of 20 %. Today I will provide a status update at the end of the 9th week.

This week I switched back to 20 hours fast and 4 hours eating window, since I already get used to and have no problem doing it. And on average I ate one and a half meal in that eating window.

My current weight as of 2022-08-12 is 79.6 kg (175.5 lb) and body fat 25.5 %.

WeekFast hoursEating windowWeightFat percentageWaitsWaist to height ratioBMI
116890.6 kg (199.7 lb)30.0 %N/AN/A27
217787.6 kg (191.8 lb)28.7 %100 cm0.5526.4
318686.6 kg (190.9 lb)28.3 %99 cm0.5426.1
419585.1 kg (187.6 lb)27.7 %98 cm0.5425.7
519584.0 kg (185.2 lb)27.3 %95 cm0.5225.4
620482.4 kg (181.7lb)26.6 %97 cmN/AN/A
720481.1 kg (178.8 lb)26.0 %94 cmN/AN/A
19579.9 kg (176.1lb)25.6 %N/AN/AN/A
20479.6 kg (175.5 lb)25.5 %N/AN/AN/A


  • Fast Hours stands for how many hours I do not eat anything except for drinking water, black coffee (no milk or sugar) or tea (no milk or sugar).
  • Eating window hours stands for the hours where I have two meals. I try, quite successfully, not to have any snacks between the meals.

Some resources to reference


I’ve just finished reading The Every Other Day Diet book by Dr Krista Varady. This books is about Alternate Day Modified Fasting where you eat 500 calories on a fast day and eat whatever and how much you want on a feast day.
Overall, if you ignore all the wrong stuff about Calorie In – Calorie Out theory and an advice to eat low-fat food sprinkled throughout the book, the book has plenty of sound scientific advice rooted in research papers.

Also, this fasting regimen works as good as a usual Intermittent Fasting. It just happened that even though Krista Varady has no clue how fasting really works by mere chance she found a regimen that causes weight loss and other health benefits.

To get a proper scientific explanation why such fasting regimen and others work watch a couple of videos by Dr Jason Fung. Also check scientific papers by Prof Mark Mattson on Intermittent Metabolic Switching in which he explains the workings of Intermittent Fasting on a cellular level.

You Tube video

  • An interview with Dr Jason Fung about Intermittent Fasting and more.

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