Intermittent Fasting works, 7th week in a row

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

A status update after 46 days of fasting (7th week)

  • Since the beginning of the fasting on June 13th, I’ve lost 21.6 lb (9.8 kg) and 4.1 % of body fat following Intermittent Fasting eating pattern.
    Weight changed from 200 lb -> 178 lb (90.6 kg -> 80.8 kg), body fat from 30 % -> 25.9 %.
  • Average fat loss speed 0.5 lb a day.
  • Overall feeling is of lightness and agility.

Now, think for yourself, whether Intermittent Fasting works or not


I recommend you to check these two video clips about Gin Stephens. Thanks to her book I discovered about Intermittent Fasting.


A short video about Gin Stephens and her Intermittent Fasting story. Actually, she wrote a couple of books about her personal experience with fasting.

This video is from 2018, since then Gin wrote two additional books. I recommend you to read FAST. FEAST. REPEAT. It is actually, quite cheap at Amazon.

A recent interview with Gin Stephens


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