Intermittent Fasting results. End of 6th week.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Up to date results

This post is a continuation of the first post where I talked about how intermittent fasting can help reduce weight and reported about my progress. Today I will provide some status updates.

The projected weight and body fat for the 5th week were

  • 84.1 kg (185.4 lb), and 27 % respectively. What actually happened check in the table below.

My current weight as of 2022-07-22 is 81.3 kg (179.2 lb) and body fat 26.2 %.

The projected weight and body fat for the beginning of 7th week are

  • 80.7 kg (178.35 lb), and 25.9 % respectively.

WeekFast hoursEating window hoursWeightFat percentageWaitsWaist to height ratioBMI
116890.6 kg (199.7 lb)30 %N/AN/A27
217787.6 kg (191.8 lb)28.7 %100 cm0.5526.4
318686.6 kg (190.9 lb)28.3 %99 cm0.5426.1
419585.1 kg (187.6 lb)27.7 %98 cm0.5425.7
519584 kg (185.2 lb)27.3 %95 cm0.5225.4
Jul 22
204Current weight
81.3 kg (179.2 lb)
26.2 %
720480.7 kg (178.4 lb)25.9 %

Some math

By the way, in accordance with the book The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung the average daily body fat loss is about 1/2 pound, which is about 0.23 kg. I see exactly this thing happening.

What I observe is

  • The slope of the fat loss line is – 0.5 pound/day.
  • Also 0.1 % of body fat loss a day corresponds to 0.5 pound loss a day. This is how I was able to project the values of weight and body fat loss.

Good resources to reference


Since the beginning of the fasting I’ve finished reading all the books I recommended in this post, except for The Case Against Sugar.

Meanwhile, I bought another one on the subject. The book is Metabolical by Dr. Robert Lustig, which I recommend.


Practical Fasting: The Use of Therapeutic Fasting in a Clinical Setting by Megan Ramos.

The BITTER TRUTH About Sugar & How It’s DESTROYING Your Health by Dr. Robert Lustig.


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