68 hours fasting results

How did I end up doing it?

Previously I did a 42 hours fast. After that I returned to doing the usual 19 hours intermittent fasting with 5 hours eating window. But I thought to myself that I could do even better and try a longer fast to loss even more body fat as a result. So I tried and finished a longer fast which was scheduled to be 66 hours, but in the end ended up being 68 hours. The fast ended with a big surprise that I’ll discuss later.

Initial setup

Fasting length

From 4:20 PM on Monday, Nov 21th to 12:20 PM on Thursday, Nov 24th.

Fasting progress

Detailed progress

Same information as a graph

Final result

After 63 hours of fasting at 7:20 AM, Nov 24th

A big surprise

The fast has been finished successfully. This time it was more difficult than 42 hours fast. What is funny I did 26 hours more this time, but weight loss was the same as during 42 hours fast.

  • Initial weight was 78.1 kg (172.18 lb), body fat 24.8 %
  • Final weight is 74.4 kg (164.02 lb), body fat 23.4 %


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