42 hours fasting results

How did I end up doing it?

I am doing Intermittent Fasting for 23 weeks now. Starting from about 18th week my weight loss plateaued and I needed to do something to get it moving. So I recalled that I can try doing extended fasts which are fasts longer than 24 hours. Well, I decided to do 42 hours fast that starts on 6:00 PM and ends after 42 hours on 12:00 PM.

Initial setup

Fasting length

From 5:40 PM on Wednesday, Nov 9th to 11:59 AM on Friday, Nov 17th.

Fasting progress

Detailed progress

Same information as a graph

Final result

After 42 hours of fasting 12:00 PM

weight after 40 hours of fasting

The fast has been finished successfully. Overall feeling is good. Nothing special to report except for crumbling belly feeling yesterday in the evening.

  • Initial weight was 77.2 kg (170.2 lb). Final weight is 74.7 kg (164.7 lb). That’s after drinking a cup of water and a cup of coffee which added about 0.4 kg (0.9 lb) of weight.

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