To take a programming course or not? Maybe not to.

Have you ever thought of taking programming course to study certain subject?

I had and took one. But now I have to confess it was not a perfect move.

My experience shows that programming courses do not teach you anything you cannot learn from Internet alone with forums, manuals and free courses out there.

Having completed recently a year long course on programming only amplifies my conjecture – there is no need to take such courses except of particular courses such as Pluralsight that charge only $29 a month.

The problem with programming courses that they tend to be very expensive and do not teach real programming experience instead they haphazardly covering hundreds of various topics never diving deep inside to understand them fully.

This is not the way. The best way is to start developing any application and learn the material as you need it.

As John Sonmez suggests in his blog the most easiest and affordable way to do this these days is to build mobile application.

So do not waste your time and money, and invest them somewhere else.

Take care.

Java Code Geeks


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