GetCalendar: Part 1.


Even though I am facing the coding versus blogging about it dilemma. I`ll give blogging a try to inform you about the progress of the app.


1. First of all I used to work on Windows and particularly I have 7. As a consequence I have IDE that works under Windows. But modern IDEs can work across various platforms. So choose what you want most. In addition, it is possible to use virtual machine to combine a few OSs on one PC.

2. There is a need to install and set Maven in order to manage project dependencies in a simple and efficient way.

3. GetCalendar prototype is built with IntelliJ IDE. To get free Community Edition go here. This decision was made on the basis of familiarity and speed of development with IDE.

4. The project  make use of Spring framework. That is why there is a need to create new Spring project using Template in IntelliJ. Spring is a modern and lightweight framework for backend development with Java.

5. This prototype will be implemented as web-service based on REST API architectural style.

6. Since this is a prototype the main goal is speed of development, that is why it is useful to have a simulation of client application that will make requests to server side. For this purpose DHC (Dev HTTP Client ) application by Filip Kolarik will be used.

The goal so far

All this is fine and great but the preliminary goal is to make the simplest working web-application that will be able to get request for current week in Google Calendar and will display it in your favorite web browser.

OK. Until next time…

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