Weight loss is very easy when you know how

Processed Food is a blocker for weight loss

When you eat sugary and starchy foods, aka Processed Food your glucose level in the blood is high, as a consequence Insulin hormone level is also high. When it’s high fat is stored.
If you eat more than 3 times a day and have snacks between the meals Insulin will stay high. So fat will continue to accumulate in the body.
Fructose in processed food is very harmful too, but it’s for another post, meanwhile check what Dr. Robert Lustig has to say about it.


Drop Insulin level by constraining when you eat, which is called eating window. I have on average 5 hours eating window and 19 hours of fasting time.

Research shows that having 8 hours eating window could be enough for body to switch to burning stored fat.

My emphasize is on the word could. This is because it’s not enough to follow 8 hours eating window. Because if you do, but continue to eat Processed Food, fasting for 16 hours could be not enough to use all glycogen stored in muscles and liver. If this happens your body won’t switch to burning fat at all.

So weight loss algorithm is simple

  1. Have at most 8 hours eating window and 16 hours of fast time.
  2. Eating sugary and starchy food during eating window prevents you from losing weight during 16 hours fast.
  3. Walking or doing resistance training at the very last hours of the fast, when body switched to using stored fat as energy speeds up the fat loss even more.

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