It’s been a hard day’s night of Deep Learning


Turning the page

The new year  is round the corner and so are the thoughts about a quest into the hidden layers of Deep Learning.  This year’s goal was to become a developer and it was achieved as planned on time. The main projects were in Android and the end of the year was under the sign of Machine Learning and ,more precisely speaking, Deep Learning.


So what are the main points in almost a two month headlong journey on the Deep Learning highway?

Deep Learning Book

  • As you should have already known by now Deep Learning Book by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville was published. This detailed and helpful book on foundations of artificial neural networks is pretty expensive but can be accessed electronically in html format for free.

Jason Brownlee’s Machine Learning Mastery site comes in handy

Blog Posts Ignited by Deep Learning Sparks

In case you’ve missed recent posts on Deep Learning at this blog
  • First post was about using open source machine learning TensorFlow library. It explained how to install it on Linux and run an image to caption model.
  • The third one was about predicting possible future applications of Deep Learning. It appears it was really interesting for readers since more than 200 people read it around the globe (it is about 4 times more than regularly).
  • The recent one was about installing Keras, Theano and TensorFlow (all open source tools) on Linux and Windows. 


Here And There

Deep Goals 

I hope you’ll find at least some of the links helpful.

Best wishes for the upcoming year and set the goals to achieve in 2017. Have a clear plan to get going and jump Deeply into Learning.


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