Guess a Digit Game On Android With TensorFlow


Why Machine Learning?

About a week ago I’ve discovered an overwhelming topic of machine learning and since then there’s no stopping for me. This is a wast field that combines mathematics, programming, artificial intelligence, physics you name it. I have to say this is the thing I’ve been looking for so long time. It  has just a right combination of ingredients I’ve described above making it a very attractive, dynamic and interesting field of study and application.

An Idea For A Game

Recently I’ve been involved with applications development for Android and I thought that combining machine learning with Android is a good idea to try. That is why I want to use a basic application developed by César Delgado Fernández that makes use of TensorFlow library on Android and turn it into engaging game for children. Currently César Delgado Fernández app can recognize digits from 0 to 9. Surely, it can be extended to be capable of other things. If you are eager to see it in action you may download and import it into Android Studio then build. It worked fine for me. If you have any difficulty let me know. So stay tuned for a brand new game from neaapps in following weeks.

Mobile Classifier Application Demo From Google

Discover more about Mobile TensorFlow here. By the way if you want to play with TensorFlow on Android you may try to follow the guide provided here. This application use mobile phone camera to classify objects and then provides captions with probabilities for recognized objects.

Hot Updates In Machine Learning

E-learning for Free

E-Books for Free

  • Deep Learning  is a book by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville
    the people who are foremost experts in the field of machine learning.

What’s next?

Next post will be about setting and using SciPy stack on Windows and much more.


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