Fast Currency Converter Published


Update to latest version 2.13 at Google Play


Before or during a business or leisure trip there is a time when you want to know current currencies’ exchange rates even though credit cards are omnipresent. You check Google Play Store just to find that there are dozens of app just for this. However, they tend to be over-complicated. They have complex settings etc. Exactly because of this we at neaapps are glad to introduce to you Fast Currency Converter. A nice, simple and fast Android application.

What’s inside?

  • Conversion from currency to currency
  • Conversion based on Base currency available for all currencies
  • Easy sharing of current exchange rate with you friends
  • All settings retained after application restarts
  • It’s free

How to guide for version 2.13

Convert currencies

1. Choose first currency to convert from by tapping on a currency flag from currencies list

2. Choose second currency to convert into by tapping on a currency flag from currencies list

3. Tap on Insert Amount text field and insert desirable amount of money to convert



4. Tap on Convert button in keyboard section to convert currencies



Set Base currency

5. To set a base currency long press on desired currency row. For example, if current base is Euro and you want to change to US dollar, then long press on US dollar  currency row.



As a result you’ll see following dialog that reminds you what base was set.



Finally, for this particular example the new base in US dollar will be shown. All the exchange rates were updated accordingly to the base currency.



6. Additional information dialog on how to set base currency was added to Settings tab. To see it select Base currency in Settings.





Share app

7. Share current exchange rate using Share today’s rate via Settings



What’s next?

In the upcoming update there will be

  • Bugs found by you fixed


Your feedback is welcomed

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2 thoughts on “Fast Currency Converter Published

  1. Yacov Gabel says:

    There some errors in the currencies related to flags and currency codes.
    INR is not Israeli shekel. It is ILS. And not Indonesian rupiah….
    Thank you.
    Yacov Gabel.

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