MagLev Is Like Magic!

It’s a kind of magic

If you haven’t heard yet about Magnetic Levitation then check out the video of my final project for a BSc. in Electronics back in 2011 that did just that.

There are a number of types of magnetic levitation and you may find a lot of peculiar videos about it on YouTube. In addition, don’t miss this MagLev World Record video.

How does it work?

Specifically in my own project the maglev was implemented using digital controller that controlled the magnitude of current flowing in the electromagnet as a function of distance of a floating object from electromagnet steel core. A Hall effect sensor, actually, two of them were placed at opposite sides of electromagnet core and provided the readings of the magnetic field surrounding the electromagnet.

With a help from my friends

I’d like to thank once again Mr. Arie Shnaiderman an outstanding control engineer at ReWalk company who helped me make this instrument a real thing.


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