Kindle Optimizer Chrome Extension



Why use it?

Adds instant Google Search and Translate functionality to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

If you want to

  • Search text from Kindle Cloud Reader in Google in an instance
  • Translate text from Kindle Cloud Reader in Google in an instance
  • Copy text from Kindle Cloud Reader into Google Search with ease

Then Kindle Optimizer extension is just for you!

How to use it?

  1. Add Kindle Optimizer from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Log in to your Kindle Cloud Reader account.
  3. Enjoy!

Known issues

1. First time a text is selected additional ‘GSearch’ and ‘GTranslate’ tabs may not appear in pop-up
(the workaround is to select text again).

NOTE: It is based on the open source from here

Take care and spread the word.

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4 thoughts on “Kindle Optimizer Chrome Extension

  1. Swartkopsaviation says:

    The text translates automatically to Russian. How do I change this setting? My preference in my Google account is another language. Please help.

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