Significant weight loss at the very last hours of the fast

Again the same observation

Initial setup

Weight at 14th hour of the fast just before going for a walk/running was 75.8 kg (167.1 lb), body fat 23.9 %.

After walking

After walking/running for 66 minutes on 14th hours of the fast and doing 6.67 km (4.14 mi), weight became 75.3 kg (166 lb), body fat 23.8 %.

Overall weight loss 0.5 kg (1.1 lb), body fat 0.1 %.

Now, after 5 months of measuring weight to fat loss dependency,
Speaking of myself, I know that losing 0.1 % of body fat corresponds to 100 gram (0.22 lb) of fat loss.

Net body fat loss

So net body fat loss is 100 gram (0.22 lb) and the rest of 400 gram is water (sweat, breathing) and possibly energy that went on heating the body, since I walked at 5 degrees centigrade (41 F) with only T-shirt and light jacket on.

Why Calories In equals Calories Out is wrong again

According to tracker calculation below I burned 378 calories, which is 378 / 9 calories in 1 gr of fat = 42 gram of fat loss.

Again, it contradicts what my scale is showing, which means that Calories In = Calories Out theory is wrong. But we knew this already.


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